"Mad Minds Think Alike" - A dialogue sample script about a mad wizard and his... victim?
Character Profile - A brief profile about a character I created including states, a backstory, and character arc.
Worldbuilding Profile - A glimpse into a vast world including key characters, details, and chaos.
Item Descriptions - A list of 10 items I created along with descriptions and uses.
Bark Sheet - A brief bark sheet for a puzzle game of hide-and-seek.
Tendrils of Magic - A complete, fully interactive short Twine game about a mysterious wizard and his apprentice.
Video Game Design Document - A complete, fully illustrated game design doc for a game I created. Right click and download or view in the browser window. - A short transmedia horror story about revenge using various storytelling mediums including audio I recorded and edited.
Narrative Sample #1 - An excerpt from the urban fantasy novel that landed a book deal.
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